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1、A New Chapter of Comprehensively Deepening Reform in Political and Legal Fields  (中)
Chang Anjun  China Law  78  2019年  4
2、Magnificent Thousands Years  (中)
Li Xuemei  China Law  78  2019年  4
3、Epochal Mission of Chinese Jurisprudence  (中)
Li Lin  China Law  78  2019年  4
4、China Introduces First Provisional Regulations on Procedures for Major Administrative Decision-Making  (中)
China Law  82  2019年  4
5、Transparent Administrative Decision-Making  (中)
China Law  83  2019年  4
6、Judicial Justice Editor’s note  (中)
China Law  83  2019年  4
7、A Scientific Inquiry into Causes of Judicial Injustice  (中)
Chen Guangzhong  China Law  84  2019年  4
8、Scientific, Democratic, and Law-based Decision-Making  (中)
Li Honglei  China Law  87  2019年  4
9、What is Used in Judicial Evaluation?  (中)
Sun Xiaoxia  China Law  87  2019年  4
10、An Institutional Guarantee for Improving Quality of Major Administrative Decisions  (中)
Yang Weidong  China Law  89  2019年  4
11、Improve the Scientific, Democratic and Law- based Decision-Making Mechanism to Promote the Building of a Rule of Law Government  (中)
Wang Wanhua  China Law  91  2019年  4
12、Top Ten Administrative Litigation Cases Facilitating the Rule of Law in China (II)  (中)
China Law  94  2019年  4
13、Improve the Standards and Evidence System, and Ensure the Effectiveness of Right Relief through Due Process  (中)
Yang Jianshun  China Law  95  2019年  4
14、A Probe into the Juridical Logic of the Adjudication Norm for Underworld Force Cases  (中)
Zhang Xinxiang  China Law  99  2019年  4
15、The Development of the Status of Non- Government Organizations in Administrative Law  (中)
Yang Weidong  China Law  101  2019年  4
16、The Two Supremes” Jointly Played a Supervisory Role in Safeguarding Legitimate Rights and Interests of Laborers to Promote the Rule of Law  (中)
Zhang Xiangjun  China Law  104  2019年  4
17、Judicial Governance of Wrongful Convictions: Policy, Risk and Prevention  (中)
Liu Jingkun  China Law  106  2019年  4
18、Exploring the Judicial Governance Path of Environmental Justice  (中)
Liu Yi  China Law  107  2019年  4
19、Fully Responsible Judges and Lost Judicial Assistants  (中)
Fu Yulin  China Law  112  2019年  4
20、Hold the Bottom Line of the Rule of Law for Urban Development  (中)
Yu An  China Law  114  2019年  4
21、Ensure All Normative Documents Are Kept on Record, All Documents on Record Are Reviewed, and All Errors Discovered in These Documents Are Rectified  (中)
Liang Ying  China Law  118  2019年  4
22、An Outline of the “Full Coverage” Filing and Review System  (中)
Zheng Lei;Zhao Jiyi  China Law  119  2019年  4
23、The Ontologies and Scientification of China’s Legal Aid Legislation  (中)
Fan Chongyi  China Law  125  2019年  4
24、Briefing of the Supreme People’s Court on Typical Environmental and Resources Cases  (中)
Wang Xuguang  China Law  129  2019年  4
25、Typical Cases of People’s Courts Reform of Safeguarding the Ecological Environment Damage Compensation System  (中)
China Law  133  2019年  4
26、The Development ofThird Party Funding of Dispute Resolutions in Major Common Law Countries  (中)
Kah Ming WAN;H. Y. LEUNG;FENG Biao;YAN Kailun  China Law  140  2019年  4
27、Legal Aid System in Hong Kong  (中)
Thomas Edward Kwong, JP, Director of Legal Aid, Hong Kong Legal Aid Department  China Law  142  2019年  4
28、The Rise and Observation of Dispute Resolutions of Third Party Funding in Mainland China  (中)
Hu Xian  China Law  143  2019年  4
29、From a Senior Official of HKSAR Government to a Lawyer of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Law Firm  (中)
Li Mingrui  China Law  146  2019年  4
30、The First Prison in Hong Kong (3)  (中)
Guo Jian’an  China Law  146  2019年  4
31、Magnificent Thousands Years  (中)
Li Xuemei  China Law  150  2019年  4
32、Standing at a New Starting Point, Shouldering New Missions, and Showing New Deeds  (中)
China Law  70  2019年  2
33、The Three-decade Journey of the Administrative Procedure Law Editor’s note  (中)
China Law  73  2019年  2
34、Reviewing the main issues discussed when the Administrative Procedure Law was enacted  (中)
Ying Songnian  China Law  74  2019年  2
35、Three Decades of Administrative Litigation in Silhouette  (中)
Jiang Bixin  China Law  79  2019年  2
36、Several Disputes over the Amendment to the Administrative Procedure Law  (中)
Tong Weidong  China Law  84  2019年  2
37、Era Value of the Administrative Procedure Law  (中)
Ma Huaide  China Law  87  2019年  2
38、Innovation and Development of Administrative Trial under the Perspective of Reform and Opening up  (中)
Cheng Hu  China Law  95  2019年  2
39、Top Ten Administrative Litigation Cases Facilitating the Rule of Law in China (I) Editor’s note  (中)
China Law  101  2019年  2
40、No.1 Case of Administrative Litigation Involving an Offshore Party  (中)
Dong Hao  China Law  102  2019年  2
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