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法学期刊 (9篇)
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1、Anti-corruption as an unswerving guiding principle of the CPC  (中)
Zhou Daoluan  China Law  91  2013年  3
2、Incorporation of Human Rights into the Constitution and Restriction on the Death Penalty  (中)
Zhou Daoluan  China Law  75  2012年  6
3、Study of Issues Concerning Establishment of System of Case Guidance in China  (中)
Zhou Daoluan  China Law  89  2010年  1
4、There are seven major issues concerning establishment and improvement of the system of case guidance  (中)
Zhou Daoluan  China Law  100  2009年  3
5、Judicial Document Reform for China's Courts of Law  (中)
Zhou Daoluan  China Law  71  2000年  6
6、Judicial Interpretation Makes Charges Normalized and Unified  (中)
Zhou Daoluan  China Law  74  1998年  3
7、Summary Procedure,a Significant Achievement in the Reform of Criminal Proceedings of China  (中)
Zhou Daoluan  China Law  66  1997年  1
8、Criminal Law:Developing in Synchronization with the Change of China's Economic System  (中)
Zhou Daoluan  China Law  70  1996年  2
9、Reform and Perfection of China's System of Judges  (中)
Zhou Daoluan  China Law  75  1995年  3